Bulk plastic glasses, polycarbonate plastic glasses and plastic cups

We are the UK's favourite place to bulk buy disposable and reusable plastic glasses in box and pallet quantities at low prices. From virtually unbreakable polycarbonate plastic glasses that look and feel just like glass, to biodegradable plastic glasses and CE marked drinkware that's government stamped for use in UK licensed premises.

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A reusable Remedy polycarbonate tumbler glass which is virtually unbreakable and has a quality l...

From £36.77 (ex) per box 36

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Disposable Plastic Wine Glasses CE Marked at 125ml and 175ml

From less than £27.16 (ex) per box 120

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A stacking and reusable plastic half-pint glass made from tough plastic crystal polystyrene. CE m...

From £8.75 (ex) per box 100

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BRAND NEW ON THE MARKET! CE Stamped 2/3 of a pint Schooner Glass. A regular sized disposable pla...

From less than £31.43 (ex) per box 1000

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A nonic shaped resuable polycarbonate half-pint plastic glass. CE marked to rim for licensed bars...

From £23.89 (ex) per box 100

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An attractive reusable martini glass made from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate. Made in the UK.

From £15.02 (ex) per box 12

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With huge stocks of common product lines we can supply you the highest quality plastic glasses in whatever volume you require - and we can do it quickly. From pint glasses to half pints, tumblers, wine glasses, shot glasses, cocktail glasses, hi-balls, champagne flutes, paper cups, sampling pots and plastic jugs - we have it all.

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