Disposable and Reusable Plastic Beer Glasses

We sell a wide range of disposable and reusable plastic beer glasses, plastic pint glasses and plastic half pint glasses - including glasses CE marked to line or rim for use in the licensed trade.

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This reusable Remedy pint tumbler is a similar weight to glass and is visually identical. It is i...

From less than £42.05 (ex) per box 24

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Key Benefits • High transparency for higher value customers • Greater rigidity for perceptions of...

From less than £47.80 (ex) per box 640

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Plastic pint glasses with a nonic shape. These plastic beer glasses are made from polycarbonate...

From £45.04 (ex) per box 100

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A reusable half pint glass ideal for use in pubs and bars not only because they are virtually unb...

From £27.17 (ex) per box 36

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